React- Air Systems for Healthcare Settings

Complete air and surface sterilisation for your building

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React-Air Impact pathogen neutraliser
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Everything you need to deep-clean the air and surfaces within your building

Our React Air Range use powerful HEPA and UVC filtration to remove  viruses, bacteria and bad smells from a room. Our Impact  and Evo units have a powerful, on-board ozone generator which can be activated when a room is empty to sterilise all surfaces and fabrics. 


Healthcare environments across the UK have been using our products throughout the Covid-19 crisis, to provide enhanced levels of safety and cleanliness for their patients, staff and visitors. 


Our products are tested and proven 89% effective at removing Covid-19 from the air (by FDA and CDC approved laboratories in the USA)

Our prices include delivery and full training by one of our engineers at your site.

Air and Surface Sterilisers Designed for Use in Healthcare Environments

React-Air Impact and Evo units are standalone air and surface sterilisers designed for use in healthcare environments. Using a UVC technology, the powerful fans drive the airflow through the decontamination chamber, neutralising bacteria, viruses, pollen and odours, delivering clean and sterile air to a room. Powerful ozone generators, which can be set to activate when a room is unoccupied, filling the environment with ozone gas. When the ozone comes in to contact with items and surfaces, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.


Multiple Impact and Evo units are connected via WiFi or 4g, to allow you to manage the settings on all devices through a single unit or through our desktop and mobile app. Real-time and historic data on airflow, air quality, and ozone sterilisation can also be viewed on our desktop and mobile applications. Ozone Release, UVC Times can be set using the UVC touchscreen. The systems also contain a powerful sensor array that monitors Air Exchanges, Air Quality and UVC Dose. This information is displayed on the screen to give users extra peace of mind.

Pathogen Neutralising Technology

React-Air Evo 01.png

Powerful air and surface steriliser. View data on airflow, air quality, and ozone sterilisation.

React-Air Impact

Commercial, portable air and surface steriliser.

Connect multiple Impacts on WIFI or 4g.


Professional , portable pathogen destroyer for commercial environments.

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