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A powerful ozone cabinet, designed to disinfect a variety of different items.

React-Air Horizon Ozone Cabinet

The React-Air Horizon is a powerful ozone cabinet, designed to disinfect a wide variety of items, ranging from clothing to food products.   


The React-Air Horizon is suitable for most public facilities: theatres, theme parks, cruise ships, transportation hubs, sports, laboratories, hospitals and public services. The Horizon uses Active Oxygen (O3 - Ozone) to disinfect, sterilize and 
eliminate not just viruses and bacteria, but also odour molecules as well as fungi and parasites. This list is constantly expanding due to regular testing against new organisms and possible harmful substances.

The power of active oxygen

Active Oxygen is known to be more effective than just UV based cleaning solutions, treating items without water contact or additional substances, thus achieving better and safer results. It also serves as a natural antimicrobial agent (more powerful and less harmful than chlorine) that easily passes through pores and membranes of an item to clean the surface from non-visible impurities.

The Horizon’s environmentally friendly system has low power consumption. This cleaning system operates without using water, detergents or other substances, which creates no waste or water discharge, helping customers to significantly reduce their impact on nature.

Intelligent Touchscreen Technology

React-Air Horizon Ozone Cabinet

Using the Horizon’s intelligent touch screen, you are able to set the time and duration of the Ozone Cleaning Cycle. This cycle is typically 1 hour, during which time the doors will lock and items placed inside will be flooded with 5 parts per million (PPM) of O3. This concentration is enough to eliminate all known bacteria and virus particles, including SARS Covid-19.

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