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Power Consumption and Carbon Reduction Solutions

Save An Average of 15% On Your Electricity Costs

Soaring energy costs are a major concern for organisations, with electricity bills increasing by around 45% from 2021 to 2022.  Combined with the increasing need for carbon reductions, this is now a serious problem for businesses worldwide.


But there is a simple solution that can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 15%.  Furthermore, it can reduce your Power Factor Levy - usually billed as a separate charge by your electricity provider, saving you even more money.  With today's energy prices, the cost of installation is normally recovered through savings within 1-2 years.

Voltage Optimisation Unit
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Voltage Optimisation (VO)

For additional cost savings, a PFC unit can also be installed.  Installing this technology will remove any PFC Levys charged by your electricity supplier.

It is a government requirement for energy providers to charge this levy to customers. Installing PFC has produced significant cost savings for companies.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Most electrical appliances operate at 220-230V.  However, the average supply voltage from the National Grid is 242V.  Put simply, this means that many of your electrical items consume more energy than required.  Whilst almost every building can benefit from a voltage optimisation unit, the most money will be saved in factory/ manufacturing environments, or anywhere that uses air conditioning or large numbers of refrigeration units or incandescent lighting.

A VO unit is installed near your building's main incoming supply, and keeps your building's supply voltage at a stable 230V.

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Survey and Installation Process

Initially, we will ask you to provide some further information, like your business activities and your last year's electricity bills. This allows us to create an accurate cost-saving estimate. We then undertake an on-site inspection/survey to calculate precisely what you will save.

Installation usually takes less than a day, and can be done at night to minimise downtime.

Voltage Optimisation
Power Factor Correction
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