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React-Air Systems

Air Filtration and CO2 Monitoring in Schools

Give your pupils, staff and visitors clean, sterilised air for added peace of mind

Since the UK government has relaxed the requirement for testing and isolation, we’re learning to live with coronavirus, as schools, colleges and universities attempt to return to normality. But ongoing infection control combined with ensuring student attendance for classes and exams is a continued challenge for education.

In many crowded indoor areas such as school halls and classrooms, ventilation is limited and the threat of virus spread is amplified.


React-Air has been independently tested and proven to drastically reduce airborne infection, and completely sterilise touchable surfaces. Already in use by NHS hospitals, it eradicates viruses, pollen and other harmful particles using HEPA filtration, UVC light and Ozone.

Further savings can be made through air sterilisation by reducing energy consumption for heating or cooling fresh air intake.

Government- Recommended CO2 Monitoring Systems

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The UK government recommends that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitoring systems be introduced to all schools to identify poorly ventilated spaces. If CO2 levels are too high, windows and doors should be opened to provide fresh air. This, however, is not always possible, particularly in the colder winter months.

React-Air systems monitor and report on Carbon Dioxide (Co2) levels within your building. With access to our online cloud portal, you can view live and historical air quality data, enabling you to prove your compliance and deliver confidence whilst meeting your duty of care.

By downloading our React-Air mobile app, or using a web-browser, our system alerts the system administrator if levels of either Co2 or VOC’s exceed set limits. 


Bespoke Solutions for Your School

Whether you're looking for a fully installed ceiling system to blend in to your school's aesthetics or a group of portable units that can easily be moved from classroom to staff room, we have a solution. All of the React-Air products can be used as standalone devices, or inter-connected to provide a system that is tailored to your specific building requirements.

React-Air  has been independently tested and proven effective against SARS Covid-19.

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