React-Air Pathogen Neutralisers

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The law requires employers to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air in the workplace. Good ventilation, together with social distancing, keeping your workplace clean and frequent handwashing can help to reduce the risk of airborne viruses such as coronavirus, flu and the common cold from spreading.


Whilst good ventilation reduces the concentration of pathogens in the air, providing adequate ventilation may not always be practical and can pose many challenges. Using a commercial grade pathogen neutralising system will not only keep your staff and visitors safe whilst in your building, but it will also instill confidence as we begin to return to workplaces and leisure environments over the coming months.

The React-Air Impact is a portable air and surface steriliser designed for use in commercial environments. Using a UVC technology, the powerful fans drive the airflow through the decontamination chamber, neutralising bacteria, viruses, pollen and odours, delivering clean and sterile air to a room.


The Impact is also a powerful ozone generator, which can be set to activate when a room is unoccupied, filling the environment with ozone gas. When the ozone comes in to contact with items and surfaces, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.  More Information...

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The React-Air Expanse is a free-standing pathogen neutraliser which draws air in at head-height and captures larger contamination particles through a professional-grade HEPA filter, before irradiating it with high intensity UVC light chamber, containing 16 25W UVC lamps.

The Expanse is also a powerful ozone generator which can be set to activate in an unoccupied room, helping to sterilise surfaces, fabrics and hard to reach areas which may not have been decontaminated through standard cleaning procedures.  More Information...

Our React-Air X is a portable air sanitiser.  Designed for maximum durability and life span, it is ideal for commercial environments requiring protection against airborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria.  More Information...