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Reduce Staff Absence Through Sickness

Whilst everyone’s keen to get back to normal after multiple lockdowns, COVID infections are surging and deaths are at their highest levels for 2 months. Businesses are struggling with staffing shortages, high absence rates and reduced revenues.


All of this is hindering our return to normal - and the normal operation of our businesses. Whilst working from home can work for some companies, it will have long lasting financial implications, particularly for offices with long leases, businesses are paying for empty buildings and unused utilities.




React-Air units are designed for businesses that want to protect their staff and visitors from further COVID outbreaks and mass absences. Our customers are already experiencing the benefits of a cleaner, safer and more illness-free workplace.

  • Independently tested and proven to kill Covid-19 and other viruses.

  • Eliminate viruses, bacteria and pollen.

  • Reduce staff absence through illness by stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria.

  • Create a healthier, safer working environment.

  • Prove your compliance with live air quality, air flow and air exchange data.

  • Increase staff comfort and confidence.

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It has really supported our overall business continuity arrangements.

It has really reassured our staff, having the knowledge that the work environment is as safe as it could possibly be, that we’re taking those steps as an employer to look after them.

Rupert Lawrence - Amica 24

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Portable Air Purifiers with CO2 Monitoring Technology. Proven to Destroy Bacteria & Viruses

The React-Air Evo is a portable air purifier and surface steriliser designed for use in commercial environments. Using a UVC technology, powerful fans drive the airflow through the decontamination chamber, neutralising bacteria, viruses, pollen and odours, delivering clean and sterile air to a room.


Integrated CO2 monitoring systems track and report on air quality within your building. The Evo is also a powerful ozone generator, which can be set to activate when a room is unoccupied, filling the environment with ozone gas. When the ozone comes in to contact with items and surfaces, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.


Multiple Evo units are connected via WiFi or 4g, to allow you to manage the settings on all devices through a single unit or through our desktop and mobile app. Real-time and historic data on airflow, air quality, and ozone sterilisation can also be viewed on our desktop and mobile applications. Ozone Release, UVC Times can be set using the UVC touchscreen. The Evo also contains a powerful sensor array that monitors Air Exchanges, Air Quality and UVC Dose. This information is displayed on the screen to give users extra peace of mind.

air quality monitoring
kill covid

The 3 Stage Process for Eliminating for Airborne Viral Spread

Destroyer Array Diagram

1. HEPA 14 Filtration

Using the React-Air’s high-pressure fan, air is passed through a HEPA 14 filter to remove 80% of particles 0.3-1 microns.  This process removes pollens, bacteria and viruses bonded to larger particles such as water droplets (the primary way Covid-19 spreads through airborne transmission).


2. Powerful UV Array 
The filtered air is then passed through a UVC array, which delivers a dose of 250J/M3 – enough to neutralise Covid-19 (67J/M3 for one second of exposure according to studies).  The effect of the UVC Array is intensified by its polished aluminium interior.  UVC renders virus particles inert (sterile) by changing the molecular structure of the virus DNA.


3. Activated Carbon Filter
Finally, the air is passed through an activated carbon filter to remove any remaining odours.  As well as removing any natural odours in the environment, the reaction between UVC and dust particles creates a mild, but for many people, unpleasant smell – all are removed with Activated Carbon.

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