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CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Monitoring Technology

Among many factors, carbon dioxide levels are used to monitor the quality of air. For over a century CO2 has been recognised as a workplace hazard at high concentrations, with the law stating that employers must ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace. Poorly ventilated areas within your building should be identified on your risk assessment.


The React-Air View is an interconnected monitoring system which measures:


  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2)

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Air Quality Index (AQI)

  • Temperature and Humidity  

These sensors are extremely accurate with a variance of less than 1%.

Air Quality Monitor
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React-Air View CO2 and Air Quality monitoring devices can be used to check ventilation in a wide range of settings. In large areas such as concert halls, warehouses or event spaces, multiple sensors may be required to provide meaningful information. The devices are placed around your building and information is sent wirelessly back to our React-Air cloud-based system. The sensor screen on the device, or wall mounted interface, will show real-time Co2 levels in Parts Per Million (PPM). 

Online Cloud-Based Reporting Systems

By downloading our React-Air mobile app, or using a web-browser, our system alerts the system administrator if levels of either Co2 or VOC’s exceed set limits. Historical CO2 and air quality information is also stored on our cloud portal, so you are able to prove compliance and deliver confidence that you are meeting your duty of care.

The HSE requires carbon dioxide monitors to be calibrated - With our React-Air View technology, each client receives a calibration certificate with delivery of their device and ongoing calibration support is included as part of our regular service visits.

Clients can set the specified Co2 limit for their building. Once this limit is reached, our Destroyer Array technology can be incorporated to clean the air.

Air quality monitoring
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Air Quality Graph
React-Air Impact
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React-Air Destroyer Array
Proven Effective At Killing Covid-19

CO2 monitoring technology is incorporated into our React-Air commercial air purifying and surface sterilising systems.


Independently tested by FDA and CDC approved laboratories in California, USA, React-Air systems have been proven effective at killing COVID-causing SARS-CoV-2.

View the full test report here

The 3 Stage Process for Eliminating Covid-19

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1. HEPA 13 Filtration

Using the React-Air’s high-pressure fan, air is passed through a HEPA 13 filter to remove 80% of particles 0.3-1 microns.  This process removes pollens, bacteria and viruses bonded to larger particles such as water droplets (the primary way Covid-19 spreads through airborne transmission).


2. Powerful UV Array 
The filtered air is then passed through a UVC array, which delivers a dose of 250J/M3 – enough to neutralise Covid-19 (67J/M3 for one second of exposure according to studies).  The effect of the UVC Array is intensified by its polished aluminium interior.  UVC renders virus particles inert (sterile) by changing the molecular structure of the virus DNA.


3. Activated Carbon Filter
Finally, the air is passed through an activated carbon filter to remove any remaining odours.  As well as removing any natural odours in the environment, the reaction between UVC and dust particles creates a mild, but for many people, unpleasant smell – all are removed with Activated Carbon.

CO2 monitoring guide
What is CO2 and how should you monitor and respond to it?

Our guide explains how CO2 monitoring can help you to identify poorly ventilated areas within your building, how you can measure, and subsequently respond to your results, to provide a safe environment for staff and visitors. 

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We may also contact you from time to time with information on products related to the resource. 

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