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Above Ceiling Air Sterilisation

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The Power of UVC and HEPA Technology to Deliver Clean, Sterilised Air

Our unique Induct system combines powerful pathogen-neutralising UV-C germicidal technology with measurement data and tools that ensures the air you breathe is protected from bacteria and virus risk.

The React-Air Induct system uses Pure Germicidal Light, HEPA 13 Filters and includes four High-Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC Germicidal Lamps which allow air to flow through them, destroying biological contaminants, preventing them from growing again and spreading.

Due to Covid-19 we decided to purchase the React-Air Induct as we wanted the children and staff to be safe.


From the very start of my enquiry this company has been so efficient and professional, they answered all my questions happily.  We even had a follow up call to check everything was working and we were happy with everything.


Not only is the unit great for Covid-19 but it is also great for any coughs or colds (which couldn't be better for a nursery) and hay fever to mention just a few.  The parents feel confident to send their children back to nursery and the staff are all happy being in a safe environment.


I honestly can't thank you enough for this system.


Kathryn Hay

Bees Knees Day Nursery

What Our Customers are Saying...

Real-Time Information... constant contamination neutralisation you can measure

The React-Air Induct is the only UV germicidal in-line unit that simultaneously monitors lamp brightness, air-flow and air quality and then feeds this information directly back to a base station, so the performance of the system can be monitored from either our ‘React-Air’ mobile app or our online web-based platform for both individual and multiple sites. 

This functionality ensures optimal performance combined with real-time information to keep your buildings safe. 

The React-Air induct system is installed above your ceiling so that it blends in with your workplace aesthetics. Our installation team designs the correct placement of the Induct units.

Our qualified electrical team undertakes installation to British Standards which ensures that the Induct system always functions correctly. 

The monitoring technology inside each Induct is linked wirelessly to the cloud allowing for data to be viewed either on our React-Air phone app for Android or iOS, and our online web portal allows facilities managers to view multiple site data in real-time, and receive alerts if any dangers are detected.

Installation into your existing Ceiling Infrastructure

clean air and surfaces

Real-Time data on our mobile app and online, for monitoring across multiple sites

The React-Air monitoring system uses state-of-the-art measurement contained within the Induct device. Measurements are taken every 10 seconds to ascertain: 

Lamp Function and Brightness 

Over time, all UV Germicidal Lamps will lose brightness and the surfaces become contaminated by impurities in the air. Once this reaches a threshold, the in-built UV monitor alerts the user that a service is required. 

Air Quality 
The integrated air quality monitor measures air impurities down to 0.1um. Every 10 seconds, this information is recorded and sent back to the building’s base unit to show real-time air quality information. 

Air Flow and Air Exchange Rates
By constantly monitoring air-flow volume through each one of the Induct units, the React-Air system calculates the number of hourly, daily, and weekly air exchanges in your building. 

measure building air quality

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How effective are our React-Air products against coronavirus?

Since coronavirus (covid-19) is a new virus, testing products specifically against this strain is not possible.  Any company claiming that their air steriliser is guaranteed to eliminate Covid-19 must be able to back this up with evidence.  Studies by The University of Boston undertaken in 2020 have shown that Covid-19 is highly susceptible to UVC light.  Japanese scientists have been conducting studies on the effects of ozone in neutralising Covid-19 on surfaces and have shown it to be highly effective with a 90% sterilisation rate.  This information, published by shows the results and effective dosages of UV-C light required to inactivate various strains of coronavirus.

“Table 1 above summarises the results of studies that have been performed on Coronaviruses under ultraviolet light exposure, with the specific species indicated in each case. The D90 value indicates the ultraviolet dose for 90% inactivation.

Although there is a wide range of variation in the D90 values, this is typical of laboratory studies on ultraviolet susceptibility. The range of D90 values for coronaviruses is 7-241 J/m2 the mean of which is 67 J/m2, should adequately represent the ultraviolet susceptibility of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.”

By using this exposure data, and comparing the UV light irradiance measurements from our products, we calculate the exposure times required to deactivate coronaviruses.  This is however, a calculation and currently is not backed up by laboratory tests.