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air filtration system

Proven to kill airborne viruses including Covid-19

independently tested by approved laboratories

Advanced Air Filtration Technology. Remove Bacteria, Viruses, Dust and Pollen in the Air.

Introducing the React-Air Pure, the newest addition to the React-Air series of commercial air and surface sterilizers, designed to transform your workplace into a safer, more productive, and happier space. This innovative device employs cutting-edge UVC technology and robust fans to channel air through its decontamination chamber. Here, it effectively neutralises harmful elements, such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, and odours, delivering a refreshing and clean atmosphere to any room.

remove pollen

Remove pollen

Remove dust particles

Remove dust particles

Remove smoke and fumes

Remove smoke & fumes

destroy viruses

Destroy viruses inc. Covid-19

Eliminate odours

Eliminate odours

Prevent staphylococcus

Prevent staphylococcus

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Benefits of a React-Air System

UVC Light - Eradicating Airborne Pathogens

UVC light is a highly potent decontamination tool due to its ability to break down the molecular bonds within pathogens. This technology has long been employed to disinfect surgical instruments and hospital environments.


The React-Air Pure functions by drawing air into its specialised extraction vents, which are strategically designed to capture a maximum number of pathogenic particles. The air then passes through a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter, which traps larger contaminants. Finally, it is exposed to a high-intensity UVC chamber, providing a powerful dose of germicidal light.


The quiet but high-powered adjustable fan can circulate a large volume of air, delivering a large number of air-cleans per hour. Measuring a mere 40cm on each side, it is both discreet and portable.

remove covid air steriliser

✔️ Remove viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust.

✔️ HEPA 14 and activated carbon filters remove VOCs,              odours and gaseous pollutants.

✔️ Low-noise operation (less than 20 db)

✔️ Powerful, yet compact and portable.

The Three-Stage Process for Cleaning the Air You Breathe

Destroyer Array Diagram

1. HEPA 14 Filtration

Using the React-Air's robust fan, air is drawn through a HEPA 14 filter, effectively removing a significant percentage of airborne particles. This process eliminates pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants.


2. Powerful UV Array 

The filtered air is then exposed to a UVC array, providing a powerful dose of germicidal light to neutralise pathogens. The UVC array's effectiveness is enhanced by its design, rendering viruses and bacteria sterile.


3. Activated Carbon Filter

Lastly, the air passes through an activated carbon filter to eliminate any lingering odours, creating a fresher indoor environment.


Enhance your workplace with the React-Air Pure, ensuring a safe, productive, and pleasant atmosphere for your team.

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What our customers are saying:

Our products have been tested and proven effective against Covid-19

Our React-Air 'Destroyer' Technology has been tested by laboratories in the United States for their effectiveness against removing and neutralising airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 from the air.  In multiple trials, our 'Destroyer' technology proved a 89% neutralisation rate of Covid-19 under test conditions, within 15 minutes of operation.

Trials were undertaken by introducing airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 in to a sealed test-environment.  After a number of control tests (without our technology) and full tests (with our technology), airborne Covid-19 was found to be reduced from 27% of average control test degradation to 89% with our React-Air Technology in place, within 15 minutes.

Download the full the test report here

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