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Proven to kill Covid-19

independently tested by approved laboratories

Air Purifier and Surface Steriliser Designed for Use in Commercial Environments

The React-Air Impact is a state-of-the-art air purification and surface sterilization solution designed for utilization in commercial environments. Leveraging cutting-edge UVC technology, this powerful device directs airflow through a specialized decontamination chamber, efficiently neutralizing harmful elements, including bacteria, viruses, pollen, and odours, to ensure the delivery of clean and safe air within a room.


Additionally, integrated monitoring systems continuously assess and report on air quality and Co2 levels within your building. The Impact also functions as an ozone generator, capable of activation when spaces are unoccupied, effectively filling the environment with ozone gas. When ozone interacts with surfaces and objects, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.

remove pollen

Remove pollen

destroy viruses

Destroy viruses 

Remove dust particles

Remove dust particles

Prevent staphylococcus



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React-Air Impact pathogen neutraliser
Remove smoke and fumes

Remove smoke & fumes

Eliminate odours

Eliminate odours


UVC Light - Neutralising Airborne Pathogens

UVC light is a highly effective decontamination tool, capable of disrupting the molecular bonds within pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Its efficacy is well-established in the sterilization of surgical instruments and hospital environments.


The Impact directs airflow through its specialised extraction vents, positioned at shoulder height to maximize the capture of pathogenic particles. The air then passes through a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter, efficiently trapping larger contaminants. Finally, the air is exposed to a high dose of UVC light, rendering even the most resilient viruses inactive.


The device's high-powered variable-speed fan ensures the circulation of a substantial volume of air per hour, enabling multiple air exchanges in an average office space.

The Power of Ozone - Advanced Surface Sterilisation

Viruses and bacteria can be neutralised with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, however, these substances cannot be used on some surfaces, and will only be effective on items and surfaces which can be reached. Ozone gas will penetrate hard to reach areas, fabrics and rough or uneven surfaces. This makes ozone gas a valuable addition to standard cleaning and disinfection practices.


The Impact contains 2 high powered ozone discharge plates which operate as a separate function from the air cleaning UVC technology.

React-Air Impact pathogen neutraliser

Integrated CO2 Monitoring Systems

The Impact monitors and reports on Air Quality and Carbon Dioxide (Co2) levels within your building. With access to our online cloud portal, you can view live and historical air quality data.

By downloading our React-Air mobile app, or using a web-browser, our system alerts the system administrator if levels of either Co2 or VOC’s exceed set limits. 

Historical information is also stored on our cloud portal, so you are able to prove compliance and deliver confidence that you are meeting your duty of care.

Air Quality Monitor
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1. HEPA 14 Filtration

Using the React-Air's robust fan, air is drawn through a HEPA 14 filter, effectively removing a significant percentage of airborne particles. This process eliminates pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants.


2. Powerful UVC Array 

The filtered air is then exposed to a UVC array, providing a powerful dose of germicidal light to neutralise pathogens. The UVC array's effectiveness is enhanced by its design, rendering viruses and bacteria sterile.


3. Activated Carbon Filter
Finally, the air is passed through an activated carbon filter to remove any remaining odours.  As well as removing any natural odours in the environment, the reaction between UVC and dust particles creates a mild, but for many people, unpleasant smell – all are removed with Activated Carbon.

The Three-Stage Process for Cleaning the Air You Breathe

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Our products have been tested and proven effective against Covid-19

Our React-Air 'Destroyer' Technology has been tested by  laboratories in the United States for their effectiveness against removing and neutralising airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 from the air.  In multiple trials, our 'Destroyer' technology proved a 89% neutralisation rate of Covid-19 under test conditions, within 15 minutes of operation.

Trials were undertaken by introducing airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 in to a sealed test-environment.  After a number of control tests (without our technology) and full tests (with our technology), airborne Covid-19 was found to be reduced from 27% of average control test degradation to 89% with our React-Air Technology in place, within 15 minutes.


Download the full the test report here

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