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React-Air Evo

Proven to kill Covid-19

independently tested by approved laboratories

The React-Air Evo is an advanced portable air purification and surface sterilization solution designed to be used in commercial environments. Using UVC, HEPA and Carbon technology, it’s quiet but powerful fan channels air through it’s decontamination chamber, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, pollen, and odours, ensuring a fresh, clean and safe environment


Additionally, the Evo incorporates cutting-edge CO2 monitoring systems, that ensure indoor air quality. Using the on-board ozone generator, which can be activated when spaces are unoccupied, it can sterilise surfaces, fabrics and hard to reach areas. The ozone feature is highly effective at eradicating viruses and bacteria it comes into contact with.

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Multiple Evo units can be interconnected via WiFi or 4G, allowing for centralized management through a single unit or via our dedicated desktop and mobile app. This provides access to real-time and historical data on air circulation, air quality, and ozone sterilization. Users can conveniently set ozone release and UVC exposure times via the touchscreen. Additionally, the Evo features a sophisticated sensor array that constantly monitors air exchanges, air quality, and UVC dosage, offering users enhanced peace of mind.

Benefits of a React-Air System

remove pollen

Remove pollen

Remove dust particles

Remove dust particles

Remove smoke and fumes

Remove smoke & fumes

destroy viruses

Destroy viruses inc. Covid-19

Eliminate odours

Eliminate odours

Prevent staphylococcus

Prevent staphylococcus

UVC Light - Neutralising Airborne Pathogens

UVC light is highly effective at decontamination because it destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria. UVC light has been regularly used to decontaminate surgical tools and hospital rooms.


The Evo draws air into its extraction vents which are  designed to capture as many virus particles as possible. The air then passes through a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter, trapping any larger contaminants, and finally through a high intensity UVC chamber, capable of delivering a dose of over 273.44 J/M3 - enough to neutralise even the most resilient coronaviruses studied.


The high power, variable fan can circulate up to 1155 metres cubed of air per hour - enough to give 9 air cycles per hour in an average 50 person office space.

React-Air Evo 02.png

The Power of Ozone - Advanced Surface Sterilisation

Viruses and bacteria can be neutralised with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, however, these substances cannot be used on some surfaces, and will only be effective on items and surfaces which can be reached. Ozone gas will penetrate hard to reach areas, fabrics and rough or uneven surfaces. This makes ozone gas a valuable addition to standard cleaning and disinfection practices.


The Evo contains 2 high powered ozone discharge plates which operate as a separate function from the air cleaning UVC technology.

React-Air Evo 03.png

The Three-Stage Process for Cleaning the Air You Breathe

Destroyer Array Diagram

1. HEPA 14 Filtration

Using the React-Air's robust fan, air is drawn through a HEPA 14 filter, effectively removing a significant percentage of airborne particles. This process eliminates pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants.


2. Powerful UV Array 

The filtered air is then exposed to a UVC array, providing a powerful dose of germicidal light to neutralize pathogens. The UVC array's effectiveness is enhanced by its design, rendering viruses and bacteria sterile.


3. Activated Carbon Filter

Lastly, the air passes through an activated carbon filter to eliminate any lingering odours, creating a fresher indoor environment.

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What our customers are saying:

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Our products have been tested and proven effective against Covid-19

Our React-Air 'Destroyer' Technology has been tested by laboratories in the United States for their effectiveness against removing and neutralising airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 from the air.  In multiple trials, our 'Destroyer' technology proved a 89% neutralisation rate of Covid-19 under test conditions, within 15 minutes of operation.

Trials were undertaken by introducing airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 in to a sealed test-environment.  After a number of control tests (without our technology) and full tests (with our technology), airborne Covid-19 was found to be reduced from 27% of average control test degradation to 89% with our React-Air Technology in place, within 15 minutes.

Download the full the test report here

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