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React Energy

React-E - Electricity Cost Reduction

Reduce Your Business' Electricity Costs

Electricity prices are soaring and organisations are facing even more price rises in the future. The React-E from Reaction Group is an intelligent energy saving solution with no upfront costs and guaranteed energy savings of 15% and 30%*.


After an initial desktop assessment, we undertake a site survey to identify areas where you can save money. This can range from installing ultra-efficient lighting systems, to power factor correction units and our patented voltage optimisation technology.

Energy savings are then calculated accurately and are fully guaranteed**. We then work with you to offset costs using any government grants that are available. Our lease-back options mean that there could be zero up front cost, and repayments are only made when you see the reduction in your business' electricity consumption.


*Subject to assessment and eligibility criteria.

** Terms and conditions apply. KwH reduction guaranteed in line with our terms and conditions – leasing acceptance depends on your credit rating and terms and conditions.

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Reduce your electricity consumption by 15% to 30%

Lease-back options available, no up front costs

Monitor and adjust your energy consumption

Smart Monitoring System

The React-E goes beyond just energy reduction. It also monitors your energy consumption for different parts of your building, and using our online portal, you are able to see where you’re using the most electricity and automatically deactivate areas when they’re not in use. Both cost and carbon savings reports are available, giving you essential information on how to reduce your energy bills even further.


All of our React-E systems are designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK and we provide full support through our national team of engineers.

Full, ongoing support provided

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

We provide you with a long term strategy to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption, boost profits and cut carbon emissions.

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