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React Energy

Energy Monitoring
and Targeting

Reduce your organisation's energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control.

Energy monitoring and targeting is an approach in energy management designed to eliminate waste, reduce your organisation's current level of energy use and optimise existing operation efficiency. Energy M&T is used to identify and explain excessive energy use, detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower than would usually have been the case, determine future energy use and costs, diagnose specific areas of wasted energy, observe how changes to relevant driving factors impact energy efficiency and manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost.


Energy Monitoring and Targeting
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The Energy Monitoring and Targeting Process

Sensors are installed or linked to your existing Building Management System to monitor current energy consumption.

Energy consumption data is collected through our reporting software. Data can be viewed in real-time on any computer, or across a range of mobile devices.

Our monitoring platform analyses the data, identifies patterns of consumption & delivers insights to reduce wastage.

We provide you with a long term strategy to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption, boost profits and cut carbon emissions.

In addition to consumption, analytics are generated in a range of other parameters including: voltage, current, KVa, power, apparent power, and reactive power, and power factor.

If you want to take action to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption, boost profits and cut your carbon emissions, please contact us via the form above to find out more.

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