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HVAC Filter and UVC Arrays

Proven to neutralise viruses and bacteria

Custom UVC and HEPA Arrays to destroy virus and bacteria

Our React-Air 'Destroyer' Arrays are designed to be fit into your existing Air Handling Units.  Utilising both UVC and HEPA 13 Filters, they will drastically reduce virises, bacteria, pollen and mould that is circulated within your building's air handling system.

Are they effective against Covid-19?

Our arrays have been designed to combat Covid-19, and are currently being tested by FDA approved laboratories in the USA.  Using an aerosolised version of the virus, with our React-Air Destroyer Array installed within a test enclosure, samples are taken after one exposure cycle.

How much do they cost?

The majority of our React-Air Destroyer Arrays are custom built to be retrofitted into existing HVAC systems.  Therefore a number of factors need to be considered including placement, exposure time and the required level of monitoring complexity.  To speak to one of our experts, please call us or use the form on this page.

What our React-Air customers are saying:

Real-Time Data on our Mobile App and Online, for Compliance Monitoring

Our React-Air monitoring system constantly samples the air within your HVAC system and feeds this information back to our React-Air online platform. Measurements are taken every 10 seconds to ascertain: 

Lamp Function and Brightness 

Over time, all UV Germicidal Lamps will lose brightness and the surfaces become contaminated by impurities in the air. 

Air Quality 
The integrated air quality monitor measures air impurities down to 0.1um. 


Carbon Dioxide

Over the past 6 months, more local authorities are requiring Co2 to be measured to indicate the level of fresh air within a building. 


Volatile Organic Compounds

Measurement of VOC's such as paints, varnishes, formaldehyde or other toxic substances in the air.

Air Flow and Air Exchange Rates
By constantly monitoring air-flow volume, the React-Air system calculates the number of hourly, daily, and weekly air exchanges in your building. 

Air quality and flow monitoring
Air quality monitoring

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