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Reduces Ambient Temperature and Destroys Pathogens, Including Influenza and Covid-19

The React-Air Pure-Cool combines our patented air cleaning technology with integrated cooling.  Ideal for summer weather or warm environments, the Pure-Cool reduces the ambient temperature whilst also killing pathogens in the air - including Covid-19.

remove pollen

Remove pollen

Remove dust particles

Remove dust particles

Remove smoke and fumes

Remove smoke & fumes

destroy viruses
Eliminate odours
Prevent staphylococcus
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Benefits of a React-Air System

Destroy viruses inc. Covid-19

Eliminate odours

Prevent staphylococcus

React-Air Pure-Cool - Powerful and Portable Air Conditioning 

With 2.7 kW cooling capacity and up to 400 m³/h air volume, the Pure-Cool provides instant cooling exactly where it is needed. Simply switch on and cool down - the Pure-Cool is ready for use immediately without any installation preparations - a socket is all that is needed.


The Pure-Cool's cold air line can be tilted 150 degrees and swiveled 360 degrees for pinpoint cooling, so the cooling air can be blown out specifically to the desired area.


And if required, an optional air transport hose can also be connected to the warm air outlet of the Pure-Cool to discharge the warm air to the outside.

air cooling kill covid

UVC Radiation and HEPA - Removing the Risk of
Viral Contamination

With covid infection rates at an all time high, cooling and re-circulating indoor air can pose additional risks.

The Pure-Cool is the only portable air conditioner on the market that also incorporates HEPA and UVC filtration.  This process removes and sterilises airborne viruses, ensuring that the processed air is safe - greatly reducing infection risk.

By delivering a 240J /M2 dose of UVC to the air, it far exceeds the requirement to neutralise both Covid-19 and Influenza.

air cooling kill covid
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