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React-Air Cielo

Destroys Odours in Hospices, Medical and Care Environments

The React-Air Cielo is a high power, ultra-low noise deodoriser, designed specifically to combat odour issues associated with end of life care.

Utilising UVC and specially treated activated carbon filters, it significantly reduces airborne odours from necrosis, cadaverine and putrescine.

By using both UVC and Carbon Filtration, the React-Air Cielo is extremely effective for odour reduction and its quiet operation means that it can be used whilst people are sleeping.  Tried and tested by hospices and care environments, it is the go-to solution for odour reduction.

React-Air Cielo
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UVC Odour Reduction

Ultra-Quiet Operation

UVC neutralises bacteria, mould and fungi - a common cause of odours.  The React-Air Cielo's high-quality Phillips germicidal lamps produce no ozone, leaving room occupants with clean and safe air.

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The React-Air Cielo's casing is lined with noise-reducing technology.  Combined with our fan technology, it operates at just 22db.  This is the equivalent noise level of people whispering or rustling leaves.  The Cielo can therefore be placed in rooms where people are asleep, and will not be disturbed.

Treated Activated Carbon

The React-Air Cielo has a 30cm deep activated carbon filter, for high absorption of malodour.  The carbon in our filters is treated chemically to generate microfissures that vastly increase its adsorptive surface area. 

Utilising a high-quality backwards-curve fan, the React-Air Cielo moves 700m3 of air per hour.  This means that the air in a bedroom measuring 5 X 5 metres will pass through the unit approximately 14 times per hour (once every 4 minutes).

Exceptional Air Exchange

React-Air Cielo

The 4 Stage Filtration Process


Hardwood Charcoal - Removes unwanted odours by acting as an adsorbent which will trap the odour inside and retain it.


Zeolite - Zeolite captures and eliminates toxins in the air.


Activated Charcoal - Medical grade Activated Carbon filter that filters out gas pollutants, odours and other VOCs.


UVC - UVC neutralises bacteria, mould and fungi.

UK Manufactured and Warranty Protected

We design and manufacture the Cielo at our headquarters in Dorset and our UK-wide service team are on hand to help with any user queries.  Each Cielo is delivered by us along with full on-site training for your staff.

All of our products come with a 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

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