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Proven to kill Covid-19*

*independently tested by FDA and CDC approved laboratories

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Manage Carbon Dioxide Levels Within Your Building

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, additional guidelines have been issued for businesses to enhance ventilation to assist in mitigating the transmission of Covid-19 and other airborne illnesses.


Facilities managers are now looking to monitor and manage Carbon Dioxide levels within their buildings. Unfortunately, not all buildings have HVAC systems capable of performing the two critical steps of both monitoring Co2 or achieving the required level of fresh air exchange.

Air Quality Monitor

The React-Air Delta uses UVC and HEPA in its Destroyer Array, to constantly clean the air within your building. Simultaneously, the Delta monitors the Co2 levels within your environment. When levels exceed an upper limit (set by you) its quiet fans exchange old air from your room for fresh air from outside.

This air is also filtered through the Destroyer Array to ensure that it is free from viral contaminants and pollution.


Whilst other HVAC systems may introduce a specific volume of fresh air into your space, the Delta ensures that your carbon dioxide levels remain low, whilst also constantly cleaning the air within your premises. For colder months, a heating element can be installed to warm the incoming fresh-air, so that your heating systems and general room temperature are not disrupted.

React-Air Delta Air Exchanger
React-Air Delta Air Exchanger

The 3 Stage Process for Eliminating Covid-19

Destroyer Array Diagram

1. HEPA 13 Filtration

Using the React-Air’s high-pressure fan, air is passed through a HEPA 13 filter to remove 80% of particles 0.3-1 microns.  This process removes pollens, bacteria and viruses bonded to larger particles such as water droplets (the primary way Covid-19 spreads through airborne transmission).


2. Powerful UV Array 
The filtered air is then passed through a UVC array, which delivers a dose of 250J/M3 – enough to neutralise Covid-19 (67J/M3 for one second of exposure according to studies).  The effect of the UVC Array is intensified by its polished aluminium interior.  UVC renders virus particles inert (sterile) by changing the molecular structure of the virus DNA.


3. Activated Carbon Filter
Finally, the air is passed through an activated carbon filter to remove any remaining odours.  As well as removing any natural odours in the environment, the reaction between UVC and dust particles creates a mild, but for many people, unpleasant smell – all are removed with Activated Carbon.

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Our products have been tested and proven effective against Covid-19

Our React-Air Technology has been tested by CDC approved laboratories in the United States for their effectiveness against removing and neutralising airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 from the air.  In multiple trials, our 'Destroyer' technology proved a 89% neutralisation rate of Covid-19 under test conditions, within 15 minutes of operation.

Trials were undertaken by introducing airborne (aerosolised) Covid-19 in to a sealed test-environment.  After a number of control tests (without our technology) and full tests (with our technology), airborne Covid-19 was found to be reduced from 27% of average control test degradation to 89% with our React-Air Technology in place, within 15 minutes.

Download the full the test report here


Studies by The University of Boston undertaken in 2020 have shown that Covid-19 is highly susceptible to UVC light.  Japanese scientists have been conducting studies on the effects of ozone in neutralising Covid-19 on surfaces and have shown it to be highly effective with a 90% sterilisation rate.  This information, published by shows the results and effective dosages of UV-C light required to inactivate various strains of coronavirus.

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