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React Energy

React-E - Intelligent Energy Saving System

Reduce Your Business' Energy Consumption

The React-E from Reaction Group is an intelligent energy saving solution that can reduce your business' energy consumption by between 15% and 30%. Using Voltage Optimisation, Power Factor Correction and Power Zoning, the React-E optimises your electricity usage.


Our systems are so effective that for most organisations, payback on the installation cost is achieved within just 12-18 months. And that timescale is likely to decrease as energy costs increase further.

Smart Monitoring Solutions

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The React-E goes beyond just energy reduction. It also monitors your energy consumption for different parts of your building, and using our online portal, you are able to see where you’re using the most electricity and automatically deactivate areas when they’re not in use. Both cost and carbon savings reports are available, giving you essential information on how to reduce your energy bills even further.


All of our React-E systems are designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK and we provide full support through our national team of engineers.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting
Energy saving

We provide you with a long term strategy to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption, boost profits and cut carbon emissions.

Reduce your energy consumption by 15% to 30%

Monitor and adjust your energy consumption

Full, ongoing support is provided

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